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Grinding Circuit Design with HCRMs

(Out of the Polycom brochure of the Krupp-Polysius AG, 08/1994)


By the use of High Compression Roller Mills as a pre-grinding equipment an increase in throughput of existing grinding plants of appr. 40 % is possible as well as a reduction in energy consumption of appr. 20 %. The material is fed to the High Compression Roller Mill. The produced flakes are given into the tube mill which will do the fine grinding in an open or closed circuit.


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At the hybrid-grinding the separator grits are partly fed back to the High Compression Roller Mill together with the fresh feed. By this the throughput of existing plants can be increased by 50 % to 70 % and at the same time 20 % to 30 % of energy can be saved. The lead back of separator grits is limited for high product finesses. In this case flakes will be lead back to the HCRM.



At special product demands or if very high increases of throughput are required then the combi-grinding is appropiate. In this operation mode the High Compression Roller Mill is working in a closed circuit. The HCRM-product reaches a finess of appr. 70 % of the end finess.

A downstream high-performance separator deglomerates the flakes and classifies coarse and fine material. While the High Compression Roller Mill is grinding the complete coarse material again the downstream tube mill will grind the separator fines to the end product finess.

... The energy saving with combi-grinding reaches 40 % at throughput increases of more than 100 %.



The use of High Compression Roller Mills for the finish grinding in a closed circuit results in the highest energy savings - compared to conventional tube mill systems up to 50 %.

After the grinding in the High Compression Roller Mill the flakes are decomposed. For the minor decomposing work either a separate or a classifier integrated deglomerator is used. The grits are lead back to the High Compression Roller Mill. The separator fines are taken out of the circuit as the final product. If the mill feed is wet, a partly drying can be done in the separator.


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