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purpose, advantages, inventor


comminution, material throughput, pressure distribution, modelling


plant configuration, roller wear, references


literature survey, references


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Support for the Process Layout of HCRMs

Regarding the layout of a roller profile some geometrical thoughts and deductions can be found in the chapter about throughput results.

The layout of a HCRM has to consider planned throughput of the mill or has to ask which throughput can be achieved with given mill dimensions. The introduction of normalized parameters like throughput number and throughput elasticity as described in the chapter about the compression angle may help to find a mathematical approach to this task.


Plant Set-up
set-up of grinding circuits with HCRM

wear of rollers / roller surfaces

publications about the use of HCRMs

support for process layout of HCRMs


Flakes of limestone - 4 mm (left), Rammelsberg lead-zink-ore - 5 mm (middle) and Rammelsberg lead-zink-ore - 2 mm (right), wet with volume related moisture content between 10 and 20 % (always left) and dry (always right)

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