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Fine Grinding of Brittle Materials

High Compression Roller Mills are used for the fine grinding of brittle materials and not for crushing (like roller crushers) or for the compacting of materials (like roller compactors). The feed size is usually a little bit bigger than the gap width between the rollers. But it also can be smaller than the gap as it is in roller compactors.The material bed is highly compacted so that for nearly all materials flakes are generated instead of a granular product as it is done by roller crushers.

principal, fields of application

principal, fields of application

Prof. Dr. Klaus Schönert


Flakes of limestone - 4 mm (left), Rammelsberg lead-zink-ore - 5 mm (middle) and Rammelsberg lead-zink-ore - 2 mm (right), wet with volume related moisture content between 10 and 20 % (always left) and dry (always right)

Simplified it can be said that the High Compression Roller Mill is a combination of fine roller crusher and roller compactor; but the operating behaviour and the relationship between the constructive parameters and setting parameters on the one hand and throughput, gap width, grinding effect and flake density on the other hand cannot be derived from the experiences with the other two types of machines. - Schwechten, D. [2]


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